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Medium Kodiak Multi- purpose Latched Journal


  • 100 % leather
  • Handmade in USA
  • 150 pages lined paper
  • Unlined parchment paper
  • Solid Brass Latch closure
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Made with heavy leather (very tough)
  • Tanners edge on flap
  • Edge trim

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A heavy, durable leather with 150 pages of blank ivory parchment paper. This archival quality 24 lb paper insures your ideas, writings and sketches will be retained for years. The hand stitched paper binding with wax infused cord also ensures those writings will remain in the journal for reference. This piece of leather has what tanners call ‘imperfections”, spots on the leather from the tanning process and clamp marks also from the tanning process. Those markings along with the actual tanners edge to the covering makes this journal unique and unlike any other journal made, even ours.  Those touches along with our commitment to the quality of manufacturing make this and and every other journal we make very special.

Thank you for considering our journals to record your important thoughts and ideas.

Owner, Leathersmith

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