The Rustic Grizzly Turn Lock

You can use this journal for many purposes such as writing down thoughts or taking notes. You could also... Learn more

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• Handmade leather journal
• Made from thick, top quality full grain leather
• Assembled with care and love
• Hand bound with heavy waxed thread
• Solid metal nickel lock
• Archival quality parchment paper

You can use this journal for many purposes such as writing down thoughts or taking notes. You could also even use it to make art with! This journal is made out of durable and well-handmade paper that will hold up to the most rugged uses, no matter how much you write in it.

The Rustic Grizzly leather journal with turn-lock is a new addition to our standard journals. This medium-sized journal reflects the journals that might have been in use in the 1800s.

➤ The turn-lock allows quick and easy access to the heavy parchment writing pages and is solid metal.
➤ A durable and well handmade journal that will hold up to the most rugged use.
➤ The name Grizzly is actually the name given to the leather by the tanner, it is really a heavy cowhide.
➤ Each journal will be unique and slightly different than the example.
➤ As with all the standard journals, it is available in four colors of Grizzly leather: Mahogany, Saddle Tan, Chocolate Brown, and Black.

Overall Size: 6 1/2 x 9 inches
Paper Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Paper: 24 lb Parchment
Leather: 5 lb (thick) Cowhide
Closure: Solid metal hardware

Since we use the rough edges of the tanned leather for the cover, they will vary from journal to journal. If you would like a picture of the selection available, please use the contact page and we will return your message with pictures.

Some of the leather may have odd markings, folded leather, distinctive cuts, and clamp marks from the tanning racks because I make sure my leather supplier sends me their worst's character. If you examine the Mahogany thumbnail, you'll see an example of a bug bite and a clamp mark on the cover. Not all have these markings so if you want them, send me an email and I'll search for such markings.

We also have other-sized journals and different style closure systems available in our shop. Please check them out as well as other leather items.

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