Welcome to 2019…kinda belated. Had to be, in case some of you hadn’t noticed I broke my website. But it magically came back. BTW do BACKUPS! Anyway we’re getting geared up for a really busy year. To start off I’ll be out at Drakes Barn in West Sacramento next Saturday 3/9/2019. Drakes Barn is right on the river and has a beer garden and little eatery. In case you flew by the home page just to get here, I have a new category of journals, “Medieval”. No, I’m not going to add leather whips to my product line. I’ll be putting up some medeival journals I’ve already made and am going to make and add a “Templar Journal” tomorrow. Sunday seems appropriate. “Knights Templar had journals?” of course they did. They invented the modern banking system. Those old guys on horses chasing evil kings, dragons and saving princesses, had to keep records. Did I say they knew about wine & grog. They knew how to have fun and get rich too! Stay tuned, I’ll post up the dates of my shows next week. Be safe and stay dry,       Richard B.